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Glob-Metal Kft.

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Glob-Metal Ltd. established in 1993 is producing and casting heavy non-ferrous metal alloys.
Our products are manufactured in compliance with the standards EN MSZ, EN DIN, EN BS according to our customers' needs.
Glob-Metal Ltd. operates the EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The Environment Oriented Management System ISO 14001:2004 is being introduced.
Beside the continuous developments and investments the company is gradually enlarged.

Main activities:

    • Production of fine solders
    • Production of lead alloys
    • Production of special alloys (Sn, Pb, Bi, Sb, )
    • Production of galvanic anodes
    • Production of zinc alloys
    • Metallurgical semi-products produced out of non-ferrous metals (Sn, Pb)

      • Pressing
      • Drawing
      • Rolling
      • roduction of metal bulk articles

    • Processing dangerous wastes: Floats and slag containing Sn, Pb.

GLOB-METAL Kft. collects, processes and regenerate contaminated metals and metal accretions generated by soldering. In possession of all related permits, we undertake the regeneration of aged metal metal-baths in compliance with the technical, technological and environmental conditions to facilitate their re-use in the production. Parallel to the cost reduction, the environmental conditions will be improved for the our linked undertakings. Small quantities of mixed dangerous wastes will be purchased and produce various types of solders out of them.

The company develops its technology and replaces its equipment by up-to-date ones and concentrates both to the education of the human resources and the increase of the professionalism.

In possession of the experiences of almost 40 years, we are ready to fulfil the needs of our traditional and new customers and principals.